Scandal in Holy Orders

Presently when such individuals are given such a lot of force then at times there is an inebriation of force. The concerned individual feels invulnerable. The individual feels he is practically similar to the Divine as his adherents follow him aimlessly and have understood confidence in him. They will do anything he/she says on the grounds that these masters and ministers are the overseers of Gods will and word as indicated by the reliable.

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It is karmically exceptionally destructive to these caretakers of Gods word when they decipher the sacred texts for their material delight. These delights carry only void and bitterness to their lives in the end. In any case, what is surprisingly more terrible then that is the way that they intentionally mislead individuals. Misleading guiltless individuals for acquire is karmically exceptionally destructive as it misfires on both the people. It additionally misfires on the individual giving the awful direction. This individual takes on the devotee’s terrible karma as well as pollutes his own. By causing a blameless individual to do certain things that are not as per God’s will or the desire of the Divine the aide is conflicting with all lessons of otherworldliness. Here and there guiltless individuals are made to fork out tremendous amounts of cash for the sake of noble cause, in some cases they are made to enjoy bunch sex or unnatural sex or essentially sex with the Holy individual “as a type of purging custom” and I for one know about numerous youthful and weak people who have deceived for quite a long time in this design.

Causing somebody to accomplish something strongly or without them knowing is a wrongdoing profoundly and on helpful grounds. These supposed individuals of God are rarely truly glad and they automatically develop “terrible Karma” since what circumvents comes around if you like it. How frequently have you seen on TV or perused in the media that “A religion chief shot himself and his supporters?” If these were truly “individuals of God” would they end their own daily routines and the existences of guiltless individuals whose solitary issue was that they confided in this pioneer? Also, how is this activity going to impact their karma? Contrarily obviously! Nobody can genuinely accept that he/she is a Holy individual and afterward kill individuals for the sake of the Divine who made this universe. Just the Divine has the option to remove a human existence.

So the following time you choose to aimlessly trust the most current God Man or lady, do some exploration on that individual and never part with your ability to any body else aside from you.

Stay Strong and Beautiful!

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