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Incoming links are like votes in election for your site but it’s not like bulk is ability, quality incoming links tend to be more precious than inferior links even if you have 1000s. 1 quality link is equal to 100 bad hyperlinks, in this article you’ll come to know how to get qualified links that can strengthen your site ranking and also how to construct successful link building campaign.Do you want to squander your hard earned cash on getting bad incoming links to your website? Even in case you don’t spend money, are you prepared to spend your valuable time focusing on those irrelevant incoming links pointing to your site? Choice is yours!It’s never too late to focus on the right direction to get qualified incoming hyperlinks. Now examine the mistakes why majority of those people go wrong when they start link building. They misuse their money and valuable time, here is a listing of the few significant mistakes which you ought to avoid in link building.1- Focus on Sum compared to Quality: if you are looking for healthy amount of incoming links rather qualified ones, then you should focus on getting quality and qualified links. Do not go for amount, it’s the caliber of incoming links that will bring your website at 1st page2- Link Exchange or Reciprocal Links: Link exchange or reciprocal links must be avoided specially after Google big daddy update3- Ignorance of Balance and Check for Links: If you don’t assess and balance your listings periodically, you may lose your hard gain incoming links4- Purchase Bulk Links: Search engines become quite intelligent Nowadays, you can’t create them fool by purchasing bulk hyperlinks, because search engine check your incoming hyperlinks frequency as well with time5- Paid Links: Paid links can be very healthy but if they are used as a part of the strategy, if you have no Notion of just how many paid hyperlinks you are going to have, that will create large angry in your overall link building effort Can You Have Categorized and Simplified Database? In link building effort, your database is the secret to success, it is the backbone of your overall link building strategy. If you’ve got a poor database, which isn’t categorized and simplified, you can not be comfy from the link building strategy.Try to have simplified and classified database, create a master database using following fields that are mentioned.Important Fields for Master Database for any Link Building Campaign1. URL2. Direct Link (Direct Link of Entrance or Registration)3. Industry Form (Show Biz, Construction, Telecommunication…)4. 5. 6. Link Period (1 Year or Life time)7. PageRank (1, 2, 3. . .10)8. 9. Description Limit (Characters Limit)10. Keywords Limit (Characters Limit)Let Everything Come to Your Master Database! Now your master database (structure) is prepared, what’s next? You want to make it precious by adding information to itrequires a continuing updates. Don’t let anything go away, if it’s not required right now that is ok, you may need it to your future projects.It is a two part article series, at next part (Component 2) you will come to know, the way to produce a successful link building strategy, linking classes, styles and their weights for one link building effort.

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