How To Profit Handsomely From The Failure

Contrary to popular belief, the 9/11 tragic events and the subsequent “war on terrorism” did not prevent people from traveling. The demand for travel is actually increasing, mainly because of the increasing number of retired baby boomers who prefer to travel.


Today, the travel industry generates over $ 6 trillion in annual revenue. However, despite this tremendous growth, the traditional business model of travel agencies has been disastrously unsuccessful, offering a great opportunity to make a profit by selling wholesale travel directly to the public. .. that’s why. The key to the travel agency industry was the ability to obtain exclusive information for booking travel. They have information that the general public could not get. If you or I want to book a trip in the past, you need to use a travel agency that accesses and sends the information through a dedicated computer system such as PARS, SABER, APOLLO. Use this information to find the best travel accommodation for your budget and schedule.

The Internet has changed this situation dramatically. Thanks to the Internet, the general public can now access information that was previously only available through travel agencies. Now anyone can go directly to the airline’s website to book flights and accommodations. In addition, there are sophisticated travel search portals such as Priceline, Travelocity and Expedia, which provide providers with access to a large database of travel services and generally offer travel accommodation at attractive prices. The competition for your travel expenses is fierce.
This adversely affects travel agency fees. Visit:-

The generous fees traditionally enjoyed by travel agencies are now doubled with nickel! The airline has reduced travel agency fees and effectively told travel agencies that they don’t need them anymore. As a result, store travel agencies are primarily active. Three years ago, about 190,000 travel agency counters were in operation. Today, that number has dropped to about 65,000. This is a reduction of about 66%. Detailed support data edited by the U.S. Department of Labor can be viewed at the following address:

At this stage, it is clear that the traditional business model of travel agencies is deteriorating, despite increasing travel demand. There is another factor I’m trying to share. It will make you realize the enormous potential of wholesale travel. The factor is excess capacity!

Overcapacity has always been a nightmare for the travel industry. Why? Hotels, cruises and resorts can’t make money from empty rooms! Therefore, they are secretly with selected travel service companies and even companies outside the travel industry to make sure the room is full of travelers, even if it means distributing them for free. Willing to negotiate with!

They know that when a traveler enters his property, he spends money at affiliated gift shops, nightclubs, restaurants, tour programs, casinos and more. Therefore, free housing can be very beneficial. Therefore, they are enthusiastic about making arrangements with large retailers to keep their rooms full every night. Wholesale travel packages make it easy for consumers to book their own travel arrangements with leading service providers, enjoying free travel benefits and up to 75% retail rates. Even the very popular travel search portals mentioned above may not fit into these savings!

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