How Casinos Win Your Money

Most casinos are games of luck where the draw results are just a chance value for all possibilities. In theory, the casino and the players should have the equally good chance of winning however, do you know that casinos earn the largest amount of their money from their gamblers and that the majority of gamblers are losing? What actually make casinos the long term winners and consistently get their money from customers? Three key casino factors are: house edge as well as the maximum limit, and also the psychology factor.

House Edge House Edge

The key factor that helps casinos to make lots of profits is the mathematical formula that is behind it. The advantage that casino math enjoys over the players is known by the name of “the home edge”. With the house edge advantage, the casinos are able to calculate their anticipated revenues, which is the amount that casinos will surely win from their players in the long term. The greater the edge of the house in any game played by casinos that is played, the more money goes to the casino. For example, the Sic Bo Big / Small have house edge of 2.78 percent. This means that in the long run the casino will earn 2.78 percent of the funds bet on the Big/Small Sic Bo game. If you play at game with house edge of 5percent versus 2.5%, meaning that you will lose twice as much on the next game.

The Limit of Maximum

In any casino game it is quite common to get runs of 5 or 6 or even 10 consecutive outcomes of either black or red, low or high and even; but it does not happen in any casino in the world to have 50 consecutive results that are equally. If you bet on red roulette and the outcome agen sbobet is black in the consecutive runs then it will turn red eventually. This mean that if you have enough money to double the amount you bet with the strategy known as Martingale, you will finally gain back the whole amount you’ve lost and a chip. It is clear the reason casinos set an upper limit for every game. This is so that the Martingale strategies do not perform even if you have the funds to double your wager following each loss. If you apply the Martingale method, you’ll ultimately reach the maximum limit of the table. This will prevent you from doubling your bet. Maximum limits are the most profitable strategy for casinos.

The Psychology of Factors

Do you notice that players who have won money are eager to be able to win more? That’s why they do not wish to quit the table until they’ve lost their money. Do you also observe that players who lose money are looking to recover their funds in the shortest time, should it be possible to do so within a few draws? That’s why they are increasing the size of their bets each day they lose, until they the money is gone.

While all gamblers strive to be the best players, they have their own betting strategies seeking to win the maximum amount of money from casinos. In fact, no one would like to lose money to the casino, instead, most of the players want to get rich by winning the money from casino.

In reality their betting strategies could be successful initially, but they become greedy and forget about all their betting strategies which may have required them to leave the table after a certain number of plays. What they do is keep betting but not following their strategy anymore. They’ll regret their greedy behavior after they’ve lost all their funds. This is the psychology factor that makes the casinos the winners in the long run.


Casinos are the winners in the end since they have advantages in terms of house edge, and a maximum limit set for each game. Additionally, the psychological actions of casino players have put advantage to the casino to win the profits from their customers.

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