Getting Grandma & Grandpa to Use Email IV

Of course! Tomorrow is Grandpa’s day. “SUPER BOWL SUNDAY”. Try not to let this mislead you, Grandma has some good times, as well. 

We have welcomed a lot of bygone era companions, from the old neighborhood, a portion of the neighbors, the grandkids and their folks. 

Grandpa will cook on the bar-b-que and grandmother will set up her #1 bite table. The ball game beginnings at 3:00 in the early evening and we ought to have some eager visitors. Grandpa may format a pool for everyone to take their risks. 50 pennies a square ought to get it done. We can have champs by the quarter and a major victor toward the end. Visit :- เล่นUfabet

This old Grandpa is torn between which group to pick. I picked the Bears toward the start of the end of the season games and have stayed with them as far as possible. Indeed, even tomorrow I have them picked to win the Super Bowl Game. Then again, I need the Colts to win, since one of my beloved companions is training for the Colts. What to do? What to do? I anticipate that the Bears should win. In any case, it’s much more prominent if the Colts win. My companion will get his sixth Super Bowl Ring. Presently, think about what it’s identity is. 

In the event that you speculated Tom Moore, you’re correct. I went to review school and Jr. High with Tom in Mt. Wonderful, Iowa. We played football, b-ball, baseball and ran track. In the event that you evern get an opportunity to see an image of the Jr High Football crew between 1949 and 1953, We’ll both be in it and Im’ the one holding the ball. There used to be a Maid Rite Cafe, in Mt. Lovely, IA that had every one of the photos on the divider. Tom and I both moved away after our Freshman year. He went to Minnesota and I moved to California. 

So tomorrow, I’ll be supporting the Bears, and simultaneously my heart will be with Tom and the Colts. We’re anticipating an incredible day of Football and looking for the Best Commercial. They have had some truly amusing ones, the previous few years. What’s more, we will not neglect to party!

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