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In live casinos the use of computers as well as various electronic equipment is not permitted (though certain casinos permit play with notebook computers to play the roulette). In casinos that are online the situation is different – the particular game is played on computers, so it is very difficult to restrict the use of the support programs here. It is a question of what a player can do to enjoy the advantage over casinos with computer-based programs.

Training programs Training programs: One of the most widely-used types of casino games are training programs. The novice is given the opportunity to test the casino game, familiarize with rules, controls and the possibilities for the game. Video-poker and BlackJack programs are devised to help players understand the fundamental rules in the game. They give prompts if the player makes decisions different from other choices. If players wants they can locate programs that help train the counting of cards. Thus, training programs can be useful for both online and offline players.

Programs that analyze: The next type of programs are those that analyze. The majority of these programs are created for games of casino that have a many rules and basic strategy (for example , for video poker and Black Jack). The primary goal of these applications can be the calculation of mathematic expectations, dispersion and the basic method of the game. Black Jack programs can provide coefficients for the popular counting systems.

The majority of these programs come with a training component or the form part of a package with a program for training. Casinos analyzing programs also include the analysis of roulette strategies. In an aspect, the program works by letting you set a supposed strategy of the game.

Then, the program produces millions of spins and displays how much you’ve lost- a useful thing for those who prefer “never lose” strategy for roulette. It is evident that analyzing programs is not more difficult and probably even more useful for players who actually play. Visit:-

On-line casinos Game Helpers: The third type of program which could be termed “On-line casino Game Helpers” is required only for Internet casinos. These types of statistics gathering software, it was common to read off information from the screen and supplying these details to the player to analyze But nowadays nearly all on-line casinos provide statistics therefore there is no any necessity for these programs. Still, there are programs available that give suggestions in relation to game optimization. Simple programs have the basic plan, but more complex programs immediately recalculate the best strategy for Black Jack depending on the card out of the game. In other words, they automatize the process of card counting. However, in casinos that are online, their application is restricted since the casinos typically shuffle the cards at the end of each deal.

Online Casino “Bots” Finally, the fourth kind of program online, also known as on-line programs which includes “Bots” (a contraction from “robots”). Bots are made to automate the process of playing in order to read off the information on the screen, and make decisions according to a set rules (usually built on the basic strategy) as well as emulate movements and clicks of the mouse button. Online casinos are very accommodating towards the programs of the first three types but the usage of robots within all online casinos is prohibited. The problem is not that the software can be able to outplay casinos, it’s applicable only to games that are that are beneficial to the player. These games are hardly found on-line. Casinos on the internet are a bit scared of bonus hunters since using a bot you can easily “wash in” bonuses in a flat bet day in and day out.

However, judging by unproved reports, the biggest profit of $1.2 million in online casinos was acquired using a bot (the game that pays $10000 in Caribbean 21).

The programs of the first three types can be purchased for free. Online Casino “Bots” Programmers typically create programs to serve their own needs. There are those who use their written robots for “washing for” bonus offers following the general strategy, even though they do not plan to market them. They are worried about toughening measures on the side of casinos in case of frequent use or use of the bots.

As a matter of fact, one more type of software is offered that could be described as “DECEPTION of buyers”. If you come across a program which promises “never loose” Roulette game (exact calculation of a falling amount and the manual control of a falling number) or even snatching the roulette server, accumulating lots of money for you do not take it seriously. In the end, you’ll get nothing in return and most likely, you’ll be bitten by the Trojan horse or end up trusting in empty promises.

On-line Poker Programs Poker on-line programs are worth particular consideration. They comprise the poker programs from the four above mentioned types. Training programs are available to try and emulate the artificial intelligence (AI) of the program. At the same time , certain programs will advise you on the game’s efficiency (at the extend as it is recognized by the makers of the program). Analyzing programs can be used to calculate the chance of you improving to various combinations and running various simulations, for example , they are able to compare the force of two aces as well as two twos. On-line casino helpers usually work with statistics. When earlier software tried to gather stats through the display, they use standard logs of poker rooms. Based on these logs , data is provided regarding the players as well as the opponents.

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