What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Jealous

There are so many options you can choose to deal with the jealousy of your boyfriend. you can…
Ignore him and trust him to take care of it.
Stop seeing people your boyfriend is jealous of.
Help your boyfriend get to know your friends better.
Break up with your boyfriend.
do nothing;
He calls his friends to help him talk to him.
To reassure him. So which one do you choose? The answer is simple. Start with the end in mind.
If you don’t start with the ending in mind, or if you remain confused, you run the risk of making “wrong” decisions or accidentally leaving things to yourself. Wouldn’t it be better to ultimately lead to the goal of being happy forever? If you work with your goals in mind, some options will be removed automatically. For example, if you need the desired results to build a long-term relationship with your boyfriend, you wouldn’t choose to divorce him. I also predict that ignoring the jealousy of a boyfriend may not work in the long run, as the problem may repeat itself until a permanent solution is reached.
Here’s how I started with the ending in mind:

Step 1. Write down your wishes positively. This means instead of writing “I want my boyfriend to stop jealousy” and “I want my boyfriend to trust me”. [Hint: Define your desires in terms of what you are in control of. Demanding that your boyfriend change to suit you is beyond your control. It’s much easier to work to prove your credibility than to wait for your boyfriend to magically change overnight].Visit:- https://boyfriend-navi.com/

Step 2. Find out what you can do to achieve the desired result. To encourage my boyfriend to trust me, I mention the following possible action plans: 1. Let my boyfriend take the time to meet my friend. 2. Communicate more with your boyfriend and get them to understand why he does what I do. 3. Find out what my boyfriend wants me to do and negotiate with him. If you have a goal in mind, it’s relatively easy to plan. Step 3. Execute the plan.
Step 4. Check the situation and make changes as needed. It is important not to continue to use the same strategy while waiting for another result. If you have already explained things to your boyfriend and he refuses to cooperate, change your strategy. Maybe you need to find a better way to explain things to him or choose a completely different option. Your boyfriend’s jealousy doesn’t improve overnight, but there should be signs of improvement. You and your boyfriend need to determine if the improvements you have made are sufficient to maintain a relationship together.
This is the story of what my boyfriend did when he was jealous … He was jealous of my friend when I first decided to have a devoted relationship with my boyfriend. I had the option of staying in friendship with my friends, but I realized that the result I wanted was to be with my boyfriend who loves and appreciates me. My friend didn’t want to be interested in becoming my boyfriend, so I realized that it didn’t make sense to endanger my relationship with my boyfriend for my friend. That ended my friendship with my friends. It made my boyfriend happy, increased the chances of trusting my boyfriend, and deepened our bond. Even today we are a happy couple.
Some say it’s a bad idea to give up her boyfriend’s friendship because she’s jealous of her boyfriend, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind the desired results and decide what’s best for you. It’s perfectly normal to make mistakes, and don’t forget to find the right person to forgive your reasonable mistakes.

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