KEM Playing Cards – The Best Cards in the World

Ask any extension major part on the planet which is their favored image of playing card and most will answer KEM – that is on the grounds that KEM is all around respected and the head playing card on the planet – the Rolls Royce of cards.

The KEM brand has been around for more than 70 years, beginning creation during the Great Depression. The restrictive assembling procedures created by the organization to make a particularly quality item implied KEM was the world’s first mass-delivered all plastic playing card. Different organizations have attempted to coordinate with KEM’s norm of greatness throughout the long term, however none have gone the distance to viably contend.

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KEM fostered a card made of cellulose acetic acid derivation – and that implied the cards were bendable and launderable as well as they would hold their shape long get-togethers conventional paper based cards had since a long time ago become worn, old and unusable. The specific polymer utilized in the KEM plastic gives their cards a particular surface, snap, and feel. Also, being plastic and launderable, KEM Playing Cards were made to support even the most unpleasant dealing with or mishaps like a spilt lager from poker players or a glass of wine from connect players.

However, the most honed expansion in the notoriety happened during the Second World War. The organization sent huge number of its decks to American troopers in military quarters across Europe to play whatever game took their extravagant. KEM cards set the norm for connect plan with the arrival of the KEM Bridge Grand Slam series. A portion of KEM’s plans have gotten famous (Maple Leaf, Arrow, Florence) and these have become images for connect players the world over. Albeit the organization transforms it plans like clockwork a few examples like Maple Leaf and Arrow have been in the KEM index for a very long time.

In 1964, KEM was chosen to be the authority playing card of the World Bridge Federation, further improving its standing – and has been the card of decision at each world extension title since. KEM is additionally the most broadly utilized playing card in the poker scene and in 1970 the organization stretched out its reach to incorporate Poker Width cards for use in the World Series of Poker. These days, KEM is a significant support on the American and European Professional Poker circuit.

Set up 70 years prior, the KEM brand is on the universe of games and will stay the players’ playing card of decision for a long time to come.

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