Checking Out PreCheck

Unless you’re very young, you’ll remember when you didn’t choose shoes based on how easy it was to choose airline shoes.
However, the Transportation Security Administration procedures that came into effect after 9/11 are still valid, and most of us who fly regularly take their shoes with discarded liquids and laptops before leaving the conveyor belt for security. I took it out of the closet. Checkpoint.
Recently I noticed a change. Especially when you register for a flight with JetBlue, you may see “PreCheck” or “Pre✔ on your boarding pass because TSA has registered the program as a trademark. This designation allows the shoes to stay at the passenger’s feet, the computer in their pockets, and the passengers to take advantage of a much faster and more convenient safety line that passes through a simple metal detector instead of a metal scanner. .. (However, most liquids over 3 grams can’t be packed yet.)


Not all airports offer such routes, and I’m always with someone who does. Not. However, it is generally a good alternative to regular TSA routines.
PreCheck was founded in 2011, but last year it was open only to requests from the general public. Prior to that, it was available through some elite members of the airline’s loyalty program, or through government-reliable travel programs such as Global Entry, which allows for quick re-entry to international travel.

PreCheck participates in the program, but it’s slightly cheaper ($ 100 for global access vs. $ 85 for 5 years) and applicants don’t need to have a passport. Participants in the NEXUS and SENTRI programs are also eligible for PreCheck. If you apply directly to PreCheck, you will need to go directly to the registration center and provide a valid ID and fingerprint. Once the applicant is approved, we will receive a known Traveler Number (KTN) and provide it to the airline when booking your air travel. At about 115 participating US airports, travelers generally enjoy the fastest security and wear shoes. Visit:-
I have never paid a $ 85 fee and my wife seems to have received PreCheck or better status. So what takes us to the line when we get to the terminal?
As far as I know, the answer is that TSA is expanding PreCheck’s research to random passengers flying in the air. When these passengers receive their boarding pass, the TSA PreCheck logo will be displayed to warn the passengers of their temporary status. This rating is based on the information already provided by the passenger at the time of booking the ticket and, according to TSA, will not be held by the agency for more than 7 days. Children under the age of 12 and adults over the age of 75 have been reported to be more likely to receive this type of additional PreCheck treatment than average. Besides being tempted there, there are several other ways to get to the PreCheck line.

At certain airports, “managed inclusion” is used to randomly assign passengers to PreCheck gates based on capacity. Some airlines have extended PreCheck to some of their regular pilots, but passengers who choose this route are not authorized by PreCheck when flying with other airlines. .. Army members are also eligible for PreCheck without going through the normal application process. American Express Platinum grants cardholders a $ 85 application fee credit, but applicants must apply through regular channels. Because all these potential entries are at stake, some who have paid for PreCheck status complain that they often lose the speed advantage. Other critics of the program have expressed concern that attracting random people to PreCheck poses a greater element of risk to the procedure.

was asked to do so. Check the applicant’s information.
I think PreCheck is a wise approach to making air travel faster and easier for at least some passengers, especially those who fly more often, and for almost everyone. PreCheck customers will continue to undergo security tests, although they will be less annoying than usual. Low-risk PreCheck customers do not extend the standard inspection period, which benefits other passengers. John Pistol, TSA administrator, said in January: This method is incomplete and seems to indicate that the status quo is continuing again.

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